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Law And Psychology: Two Incongruent Worlds

Popularly, Psychology, as a behavioral science, has been drawn into courtroom cases more and more. Consequently, it is important for lawyers and psychologists to better understand each other. At this forensic interface, there is an urgent need for both parties to recognize how their respective languages, rules, and playing fields differ so that they can work together collaboratively and effectively.

One difference between them, for example, is that in Psychology there is only one truth, per issue, empirically established. In Law however, there exist competing truths because the nature of court proceedings is adversarial. 

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  • Expert Witness
  • Competencies (Civil and Criminal)
  • Standard Practice / Malpractice
  • Psychic Harm / Pain and Suffering
  • Tort / Suicide / Proximate Cause
  • Psychodiagnosis
  • Child Custody / Parental Fitness