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Norman R. Klein, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychotherapy Sessions in Westport, CT:

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Life Is Difficult. My clinical psychology addresses your problems of living. Problems arise in three general areas: your relationships (social and family); in your career or job performance; and in the intra-personal sphere (mood, fears, confusions, dissatisfaction with self).

My approach is to engage in psychotherapeutic problem-solving through full 60-minute sessions across a brief time. When significant relief is achieved, and you are in a more emancipated place, you will be better able to anticipate and attenuate emerging problems by yourself. Should patterns that interfere with your functioning or self-esteem return, booster sessions are a solution.

Whether you're looking for couples counseling, adolescent therapy, or more, contact us today!

In addition to my work as a licensed clinical psychologist, I am also a forensic psychologist, involved with issues interfacing psychology and the law (criminal, civil, family).